Friday, 13 April 2012

Dirty waste!

Being a metal detecting enthusiast, i must bring up something i have stuck in my craw at the moment.

All over the country you will notice farmers fields which have large quantities of what appears to be soil tipped across them. This in fact is not soil, but green waste. It is widely used as a fertilizer on arable land as well as pasture land. Its a known fact that this waste is contaminated with whatever we gardeners/council tax payers see fit to throw into our Brown wheelie bins.

While out wondering the fields with my detector i have found all sorts of crap lying on top of the ground. There are huge amounts of plastics which take forever to degrade. tin foil, toys, money and scrap metal are abound. This stuff is being mixed with our food crops and eventually consumed by us on a daily basis.

The companies who "recycle" the green waste are supposed to remove all of the said anomalies before distributing it to farmland. They are instructed to remove the contaminates, or send the material to landfill. the land fill option would be ultra expensive, so i guess the contaminates get overlooked. The farmers i would think are being financially awarded for taking this waste off the operators hands. So there goes any chance of the farmers moaning too much about the quality of material they receive. When the detectorist fraternity moan about it, people see it has them being selfish, as the metal waste can render the land useless to detect on. This is true to some extent, however it is undeniable that our land is being contaminated.

There is a petition going around to make government aware of this here. It would be nice to think that some one in government is already aware of this and the legacy that we are leaving for our children.

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