Friday, 17 August 2012

Making candles at Millfield Junior mixed infants school.

 Tonight I decided to light a few of the many candles my good wife has accumulated over the years.
While doing so I had to remove some of the excess wax at the top of the candle. This was a scented candle which immediately cast my mind back to my early years at Millfield school.
Now I can't remember what the teachers name was that took the candle making lessons, may be Mrs Cradock? I do remember however that we used to take the lesson in the foyer of the school. I always thought that it was a strange place to hold a lesson!
It was a scent called sandalwood if I remember that invoked the memories tonight. i used to bloody love that smell. If I remember correctly there were at least 10 scents that you could choose from, but my good mom always ended up with a sandalwood candle. I am sure she loved and cherished each one regardless of the scent I chose.
I can't even begin to imagine any of today's schools paying for candle wax and wicks. Those sorts of lessons don't fit in with today’s curriculum do they?  
it would be nice to know if any of my old school mates remember the candle making, so ahoy there ye oldie chandlers get in touch with me.

picture courtesy of one brown cow.


  1. It was Mrs Ball i think, she also used to do pottery and sewing

  2. Debbie, you are absolutely rite, it was mrs Ball.
    Thanks for jogging the memory.

  3. think we used to pay about 2p for each piece of pottery and 10p for each sewing item we made, can't remember the cost of the candles tho

  4. ahhhaa, another memory jogged, those frogs we used to sew........or were they frogs??

  5. mice, frogs, teddies, and if you were one of the selected few a tortoise !