Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Burning the candle at both ends!

I must admit that I am feeling the pace of these last few days. 
I am currently completing a three week training course which will enable me to sit my domestic gas exams. I will then be able to work on gas appliances in domestic properties as a competent and qualified person.
Considering I have been in the trade for 15 years, I think it’s about time I got it sorted.

I am also trying to run my day to day job once I get home, as well as during my lunch break. Once I have caught up on my day to day stuff it’s time for revision, and then I fall into my pillow.

Unfortunately for me I seem to have an overactive brain (not over effective, just over active) which often seems to process things while I sleep. Last night I woke at 3.05am thinking "crap! I didn't sort that email out about the keys". As hard as I tried I could not go back to sleep, finally getting up at 3.40am and sending some poor individual an email. I am sure they will think I am bonkers when they get it as it will say sent at 3.40am 15th August 2012.

On the first day of our course the tutors name was Dave, he was a matter of fact type of guy. He got his message across in a fairly effective way. The day seemed to take forever though, and that bloody huge clock on the wall in front of me is really annoying.
The second day started with a new tutor, by new I mean different. This guy’s name was John, he is a semi retired ex British gas employee. John introduced himself and informed us that he was 71 years young. He then went straight in to asking who wanked? Yes you read it right "which of you men wank"? A few tentatively raised their hands. He then said "ok, all of the wankers sit on that side of the room and all of the Liars sit on the other side". Well that certainly broke the ice, and was a sample of what the day held for us. He had a well rehearsed joke ready for every conversation we had. It did make the day go by fairly quickly, and also broke the ice between the candidates.

I am the oldest person on the course and have the least field experience, as I am not a gas fitter by trade.
It appears that I am managing to hold my own, and may be ahead of one or two of the candidates. I must admit that trying to burn the candle at both ends is difficult, and may take its toll later this week.

Still, it could be worse; I could be living in Syria!

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