Sunday, 19 August 2012

Scary crash on nasty bend near Tesco's.

Barriers smashed to pieces over the years and very dangerous. © W.PARRY 2012

On the evening of the 18th August 2012 i decided to go and have a couple of hours fishing with my dad on the canal just below the market.
I had been there about 40 minutes when I heard a tremendous racket and breaking plastic noises coming from the back of me. When I looked back i could see a red scooter and its driver skidding across the road and coming to a stop in the gutter.
I immediately got up and ran across to the scene shouting to my dad "call an ambulance". As I got to the driver, he stood up in a dazed state. I think my dad noted this and did not call an ambulance after all, I asked the driver are you ok? He had his helmet on and said yes I think so. He had ripped his trousers, and the arm of his jumper. He had damage to his helmet where his head had hit a very dangerous looking broken stump. I am sure that his helmet went a long way to saving his life. I said "your helmet as saved you mate", at which point he took his helmet off. He was a young lad, with an L plate on the bike. He stated that he had only had the bike for two weeks and that he thought he had took the corner too fast. By now he was in pain and limping. I insisted that he look what damage was done to his leg. He rolled his trouser up to reveal a nasty bruise and a cut. He could hardly walk and said his foot was very painful. Again I made him remove his shoe and look, as shock can make some people not realise the extent of their injuries. He looked like he had a broken foot, and said so himself.
We stood his scooter up and he managed to start it. I asked if he was ok or did he need to borrow a phone to call someone? He said he was ok. He then said I don’t know what I will do as the scooter was his only transport to work. I said mate you’re lucky to be alive, so thank your lucky stars and don't worry about the bike! I pointed out the sharp wooden spike that his head had hit. He then looked at the damage to his helmet.

The young lad rang some family members who turned up after 15 minutes to escort him home.

That particular bend on Silver Street, (which is where the road runs parallel with the canal) has had numerous crashes on it over the years. In fact the reason there is a sharp wooden stump which the guy hit, is because previous drivers had hit it. Most of the wooden barrier is smashed or missing, and it’s about time the council did something about it.
There are no warning signs, and the road markings are almost invisible.

Ho, and we blanked on the fishing!!

The stump that almost claimed the life of a young motor cyclist. © W.PARRY 2012

The notoriously bad bend on silver street. © W.PARRY 2012

Look at that spike of wood, just waiting to impale some one. © W.PARRY 2012

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