Saturday, 1 September 2012

Can Barclay's Bank allow their reputation to sink any lower?

You bet they can!! Barclay's bank Wroxham Norfolk.

While on holiday in the beautiful Norfolk broads, we paid a visit to the Beautiful village of Wroxham.
It was quite a dull grey day with nothing exceptional occurring in the village, just the usual excursions on the passenger boats. 
The kids loved the sights as did the parents. We popped into Roy's food hall prior to us departing from Wroxham and picked up some groceries. My son and I spotted an opportunity to have a look the in guns and tackle shop, while the women got their things together. We crossed the road and turned towards the shop. We were greeted by what looked like a couple of young girls, one of which were lying on the floor and the other crying and looking very distressed. i immediately went over to ask if they were OK, when the person on the floor looked up, she was in fact a lady of about 40. The young girl was obviously with her and in quite a state of shock. I asked what had happened. She said she had fallen. i asked my son  to call an ambulance, however he had no signal. I looked up and noticed we were directly outside Barclay's bank. i ran inside the bank and asked for their help. I said do you have a first aider that can help this lady? They looked at each other and told me to go to Roy's (the shop from where I had come)! i said can you call an ambulance then please? Again they told me to go to Roy's store!! I was totally livid with them and gave them a few choice words. i then had to run around to Roy's, who called the first aider's to the check out. They then allowed me to call an ambulance.
The first aider's then tended to the lady who was now sitting up, with the young girl looking a bit calmer. 
I informed the small crowd that were around the lady of how unhelpful the people at Barclays bank had been. 
I don't know what happened to the lady as she was in good hands when i departed. I do know this though, if Barclay's were the last bank on the planet i would rather burn my money than let those uncaring bastards deal with it.
Barclays bank shame on you yet again.

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