Saturday, 29 September 2012

The big dig in Evesham, first ever closed dig for Clodhoppers.

Tomorrow brings the first ever Clodhoppers closed dig. by that i mean only club members allowed.
Looks a promising venue even though the fields are featurless.

7.00am start for me as its a 60 mile run there. Car will be loaded and i aim to detect until abot 4pm, so i can get back in time to rest up before work on Monday.

i will put in a full report with photos tomorrow.


  1. Hey Wozza, How ya Doing? Hope you had a good day, keep this going mate, it looks like its going to be interesting, what sort of stuff do you want? Only metal detecting or anything goes?
    Whens the next Butlins reunion?

  2. Pete i am open to offers, nice to hear from you.