Thursday, 27 September 2012

Christmas claim culture!

It is that time of year when anyone in the type of industry in which I am involved, will have to watch out for bogus claims. Punters are looking for some extra income, and the fact that someone is coming to work in the property is a god send. A broken microwave, a window blind has broken or a burnt carpet. All of the above are regular claims that come in from these desperate people.

The most annoying thing is that the claimant starts with the upper hand, as the landlord usually will not get involved. At best the landlord will acknowledge that it looks like a spurious claim, and then leave us to sort it out.

It costs a damn fortune to get solicitors involved, and any solicitor who looks at a claim for a £75.00 microwave will say “just pay them” it’s not worth fighting it.

I am however made of sterner stuff than that. I will not turn the other cheek when confronted with a fraudulent claim. If I think it’s wrong, they can damn well get ready for a rough ride.

There are a very high percentage of honest people, who would never claim even if someone did cause damage.  These people are a joy to work with, and often very much appreciate what we and their landlord do for them. I have no problem settling up if we have clearly caused a problem.

This message ends.............

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