Sunday, 30 September 2012

Cleeve Prior club dig September 20012.

Clodhopper first club dig.

38 members turned out for what was to be a surprisingly good dig. I say surprisingly good, because after about 3 hours of digging, little had been found. The grass on the pasture was extremely long and clumped. On five of the seven fields it was impossible to get the coil within 3 inches of the soil. The wet summer and autumn appear to have caused a growth spurt in the pasture lands of England.
Team talk.

Tufted grass.

It’s easy to turn up to a dig with a club and take the attitude of I paid my fee so I will just detect and not help. Well that is ok, but if everyone took the same attitude there would be no club and no organised digs. I do try to help in my own way, for instance I always have a go on the club raffle (which I won today). I always keep one eye on the affairs and well being of the club wherever possible. If members need advice, or help while on digs I’m only too happy to speak to them. What use I am is a different matter, but never the less I am always willing. That being said, the clodhoppers team are a fantastic bunch of people. As with every voluntary organisation these people spend lots of time and inevitably lots of money keeping things running smoothly. I doff my cap to you guys, well done.
Picture courtesy of Clodhoppers and Gregor.

I know there were a few Hammies found by one member of the club (Gregor). It’s no coincidence that he regularly finds more than most. I have watched his method and he is LOW AND SLOW. He keeps his coil flat and takes his time, I’m sure he is working as one with his machine. I found a few interesting bits and bobs, one of which was a cap badge. I now lay out a challenge to you all, to find out what era it came from and what it represents. Leave your ideas in the comments page at the bottom of the blog. As with most finds, the fun starts when we get home and begin researching the things we have found. I also found a toy pistol grip. The trigger is there but being made of steel it has blown up. There is a nice design on the handle, but the barrel is missing.
pistol handle about 2" long.

Cap Badge but which regiment?

I left for home early as I had a load of home work to get done. I do find that Sunday digs leave me feeling guilty of the time I spend on them. I always seem to have things from work which I could be spending the time on. This is not the way it should be, but I am not the only one I suspect that has this problem. Metal detecting is a great release from the stress of everyday life. You head out into the wilderness with your machine and a shovel, you don't have to speak to anyone if you are that way inclined. You see wildlife that most people don't get the opportunity to put their eyes on. And finally you can actually find something that may just change the history of the country (if you are very lucky).

Well it was a very enjoyable day had by all, my thanks go out to the organisers, Especially Aurelia who found the land.


  1. Ok i will give it a shot

  2. royal artillery cap badge