Sunday, 23 September 2012

Decorating for Brownie points.

I have spent the whole of the weekend confined to quarters. It was decided some time back that we needed to decorate our lounge. She who must be obeyed has been very considerate with my metal detecting forays of late; I therefore thought that with this weekend being a 50/50 job (50% sunshine and 50% rain) i might take the opportunity to gain a few Brownie points. You see the theory is that if one behaves themselves and knocks a few chores off their list they will be allowed to get some well earned detecting done in the future.

My brother had over-boarded our ceiling and a bloody good job he had done to. No skimming, just filled and sanded the joints. We had moved everything from the room prior to him doing the job. the ceilings were painted white (three coats) and the walls were "neutralized" with pale creams. A new wall mounted fire was installed over the opening in my chimney breast. I had to fit two new radiators, and to my utter shame (being a plumber as such) i had a bloody leak on my new pipework.

The hardest part of the job was getting all of the furniture back into the house. Its a good job that she who must be obeyed is a real hard grafter. Our house is not of a minimalistic type, we do have ornaments etc. The  point being is that all of those ornaments had to be brought back into the house, a job she who must be obeyed did. We don't have hundreds of ornaments, just the usual candles, a few bronzes and a whole load of John Beswick horses. I was banished from anywhere within 5 meters of the horses as they were put back in their display cabinet.
the horse cabinet © w parry 2012.

Any way Brownie points were accumulated in the bucket load, so a detecting adventure could well be on the cards for next weekend, hurrah!

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