Friday, 4 October 2013

Metal detecting fun, with friends from Clodhoppers club.

I have been a member with the Clodhoppers club for well over a year now. In that time i have forged some strong relationships with my fellow diggers. I share their triumphs and joys when out digging, i think they reciprocate.

Being part of a club is something i enjoy immensely, though i do still enjoy going out on my own, and the solitude that brings. 

As in every society, there are those that do, those that think they do, and those that don't muck in and help. Every one as important as the last, they are the parts that make a club what it is.
I like to be in the thick of it when i am involved in any club or group, it’s just the way i am.

The clodhoppers’ members are a fun loving lot who put a mountain of time and effort into organising digs for the masses. Most of the digs are club digs, to which only dig members are allowed. To be a dig member you must frequent the clodhopper’s forum and become involved with the club. When you first join the forum you will be classed as a light blue. Once you have gained the trust of others and frequented the forum for some time, you may be changed to a dark blue. In the interim, light blues may attend open digs which we put on fairly often. Anyone who brings land to the table for a club dig is almost sure to go dark blue, though this would still have to be discussed between members. 

You can be one of two types when you go detecting, those that will always have time to stop and chat, and those that will not make eye contact with any one. I love to stop and chat, and so do most of the clods. 

If that is the sort of camaraderie that rocks your world, get yourself over to and join the fun.

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