Monday, 2 December 2013

Metal detecting with clodhoppers at a open dig.

If you are new to the hobby and happen to stumble upon this post, you could find the following useful;

Open digs are more often than not club digs that are opened to visitors (subject to numbers).
If you have never been detecting, you may want to start at an open dig. You can get help advice and even confidence from these types of events.

The second of December had the clodhoppers out in the wilds of Worcestershire. A fantastic venue with more than enough land and finds for everyone.

From Roman to modern, the fields had it all. I did not hear a single person complain about lack of finds, which tells a story in its self.

Members were in a cheerful mood as this was supposed to be our last dig before Christmas, however now we have another. Christmas hats, tinsel and costumes of all descriptions were present. My friends Roy and May furnished me with mulled wine and mince pies, they were delicious.

Next weeks dig will i have no doubt be just as successfull, details are at
Its a open dig, so if you are responsible and want to get a dig in before Christmas you could always join the forum and put your name down (subject to organiser accepting).

Here is the dig video, please enjoy.

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