Saturday, 13 October 2012

Engine lane Brownhills and my shock visit.

Today I took the dogs a walk up Engine lane at the top of Brownhills. My objectives were to exerciser the dogs, but i also wanted to do a search for building long since lost. The said building has been mentioned numerous times on the very informative and entertaining Brownhills Bob blog. It appears on old maps, however there is no mention of its use.
I was shocked to find that the cycle way at the top of the lane had a thick chain across it. Obviously not for the convenience of cyclists, so why was it there? I know there have been problems with motorcycles previously, but that's a bit extreme.
Definitely no cycle way here! Notice national cycle route on gate.

I moved on into the wooded area where I think the long lost building may be, that was after negotiating some rather nasty barbed wire obstructions. It began to dawn on me that these obstructions were not haphazardly put there. They were there for a reason (probably not sanctioned) which i can not yet confirm. It would certainly bring a motor/cyclist down in a hurry.

If you look closely the barbed wire is looped out from the gate about 18 inches!
As we moved into the wooded area a cow let out a moo that was obviously only a few meters away. I nearly crapped myself when a large brown Heifer lifted its head only three meters in front of me. It was then i noticed that the whole heard were close behind it. I made a hasty retreat and put the dogs on a leash.  I couldn't see any signs warning of the livestock being on the land, which i thought was a bit naughty. Two guys walking their dogs were coming my way and I asked them how long the cattle had been on the land? They informed me that they had been there for some time. They also passed a not too complimentary comment about Ansell's riding stables taking over the place.

Stand off with cow, i lost.
The view of the cabins from road.
I returned to the part of Engine lane that the building may have been located and took some measurements under the watchful gaze of the cows. On my way back to the car I took a few snaps of the land now occupied by the riding stables.
This was wild scrub in the past, my only concern now is the amount of barbed wire there  is.

I personally don't mind what they are doing with that land. It looks a lot tidier now than before they set up camp there. If they are responsible for the chain then that is out of order, as is the looped barb wire. I am not sure it is them who put up the chain as i think it may be there to stop the cows escaping. It’s all a mystery to me, but i have no doubt someone will tell me what is actually going on.
A view up engine lane.
Answers below please?


  1. Good spot Wozza. Might have a ride up there tomorrow myself. What was the building you were looking for? or the remains anyway?

  2. Some of Bobs posts have maps which show a building just to the right as you pass over the old canal bridge. Its fairly heavily flooded at present so no chance of getting in there.

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    1. Hi Andrew, can't make out what your post means. could you clarify please?

  4. Are these the same cows on chasewater? as they now chase off walkers

  5. I would doubt that they are the same cows as they would have to cross the A5 somewhere. Aggressive buggers at this time of year aren't they?

  6. The building is still there only the lower walls remain I've seen it not sure if it used to be a old gas works of sort as for the building actual location it deep in the wooded area and I would suspect the chain and barb wire is to deal with motorbikes over there