Thursday, 19 July 2012

Here comes the sun do do do do, here comes the sun.

After a very wet and bleak summer so far, there is a crack of light appearing. Apparently the jet stream has moved North with higher temperatures and sunshine hot on its heels.
I would say it’s time to dust the BBQ off, however it’s highly unlikely that there is any dust anywhere in the country after the damping down we have had.

It’s too late for my Mesembryanthemum's they have been washed out after giving it their best shot to open between rain storms over the last month. On the plus side, my hanging baskets are thriving, they have been watered far more often by Mother Nature than they would ever have been by myself.

wife's blooms  © W.PARRY 2012
I have not managed to get out with my metal detector for about 5 weeks now! This is seriously annoying. I have had work issues which have took up lots of time, and then the weather has put the boot in for any other chances. The fields are waterlogged, and the rain is not a good companion while detecting.
So far I have plans to get out and do some searching this weekend; hopefully I will blog my adventure early next week.

Here comes the sun der de doo doo here comes the sun, I say, it’s alright.....................

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