Monday, 4 February 2013

Hypothyroidism and me!

My thyroid problem discovered.

Well slowly over the last 6 months my health has deteriorated. i have been back and forth to my doctors, which triggered them into sending me for all sorts of procedures. Most of the procedures were not related to my Hypothyroidism, nor did they identify it as my problem.
My main symptom was a sore throat, and a fullness in the throat. I felt the doctors were not taking me seriously, but at the same time i felt like i was being a nuisance!
Finally i was feeling ill enough to go back to the doctor and ask again for his help. The consultation was not going well, with the doctor rolling out the "you need to lose weight" rhetoric. I finally said that i wanted to have a blood test and asked if they could check my thyroid function?  the doctor agreed to this as well as sending me for another consultation with the Gastro consultant.
I turned up for my blood test early the next morning and read the card which said i should have fasted for 12 hrs! This had not been relayed to me by my doctor. I had to ask the nurse if i could return the following day when i had fasted, and this i did.
After 5 days i called my doctors who said my results were in and i could come in to see the doctor. My doctor went through my results and confirmed that i was suffering from Hyperthyroidism. He prescribed me some tablets and sent me on my way.
On getting home i decided to have a look at what the symptoms of Hypothyroidism were.
it turns out all of the following afflicted me.

Dry skin.
Sore throat.
Sore below the ears.
Swollen tongue.
Mood swings.
Feeling cold.
Hot flushes.
Gaining weight.
Mind racing.

I have only taken my first tablet this morning and can not expect to see any improvements for a while.

If you are suffering the same symptoms, insist on a blood test which checks for your thyroid function.

god bless.

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