Thursday, 24 January 2013

I guess when the weather is too bad for one to venture out into the suburbs, you have to become a little inventive in the home.
in a recent issue of a popular photography magazine my eye was caught by some interesting items. One of which was a shot taken on a office desktop using limited resources. that put me to work in my kitchen, using a beaded pillow which i thought might be of interest. I also had a small led light which produced a very white light.
The camera was my D7000, which i had set upon a tripod, as i was going to be using a long exposure.
uninteresting after my experiment.

Got the shadows to cast, but nothing of interest.

I have experimented with other materials as well. My first attempt was using silver foil as a base to illuminate a drinks glass and ice. Again it was not impressive, but i guess that if you don't try it you will never know.
Just did not work as i thought it might.
I finally got out with the camera 1 day in the week. I tried to capture an image of a moody youth wearing red which contrasted with the surroundings. i was not unhappy with this effort, but with the youth being moody, i could only get 5 minutes of cooperation.
Moody youth.
This weekend i will be out with my detector and hopefully taking a few pictures of finds.

Happy days.

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