Saturday, 5 January 2013

Fisher F75 special edition in action.

Its been over a year since i purchased my F75 special addition. At the forefront of metal detector technology i was told. Well i have to say it has been a disappointment to say the least. Before the F75 i had a Whites spectrum XLT, which i really enjoyed using over the 14 years i had it.
Today i traveled to some fields which have been done over and over again by many enthusiasts. I was not expecting to find another Staffordshire hoard, just a general run out and may be pick up a coin or two.
I was initially trying to arrange for a few of the clodhoppers (a group of detectorists) club members to attend the farm on Sunday 6th. When i asked the farmer he was all for it, but the land was deep with mud. Also the crops are still to be harvested from most of the fields due to the bad weather, where they are Harvested the tractor has created deep sludge.
photo taken with my Blackberry of mud.

wellington got stuck in this lot!

One of my problems with the F75 is that it will not work when near power lines. The first field i went on had a railway track running along it. If i got within 25 meters of the track i got major feedback, rendering the machine useless. Even without power lines, i get lots of chatter through the headphones while searching. I have to turn the sensitivity way down to get the noise down to manageable levels. i don't see the point in having high sensitivity settings that i can't use.
All that being said, i do find plenty of things with the machine, i just don't get on with it. Here are the interesting and slightly interesting things i found while out.

Finds from muddy field.

Bottom center looks li a lions face pendant and is my favorite find of the day.Next to it on the left is what i think is a Roman pin head. the coin is a 1932 half penny. the strange shaped item above and left of the lions face is what looks like an oak leaf.
On the whole not majorly productive, but enjoyable. Now, what to do with the F75?

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