Sunday, 30 December 2012

A local walk with local Photos.

This morning the weather looked like it was taking a turn for the better. I therefore donned my wellies and coat, threw my camera around my neck and picked up my tripod. Nell and Bella were in tow(my two Jack Russell), all excited as they knew they had a good walk ahead of them.
the first thing of interest i came against was a angler trying to catch Pike. Difficult to get a good Photograph of a single person who is watching you all the way down the towpath.

The loan angler.

As i passed the angler i had a chat with him and established that he would not mind me taking his photo when i returned. Always good to get into a dialogue with people as you soon find out if they are willing to be photographed. i did get him and his mate on my return. Not overly impressed with my effort, but you live and learn.
I next came upon a small pool out the back end of Clayhanger, i am not sure what it is named, but it sure is beautiful. I was quite pleased with this photograph, and will see if i can do anything else with it.

local beauty spot.
I bumped into at least six more anglers an my way to my next photograph, most of which were pike angling.

Turning off the canal towpath i took a rather unused public footpath that lead me around a a few large fields. the older of my dogs Nell, was beggining to feel the pace a bit, so i stopped and took the following photos. In my humble oppinion, the image looks better in B&W, what do you think?

B&W image of drainage ditch,

Colour close up, not so good.

As i pushed on i happened upon one of the local beauty spots that has a large pool with two islands set in it. It has a wealth of bird life upon it, however they are easily spooked. I think it may pay for me to spend a hour or two around the pools to get some good wildlife photos.

Geese on the move.
The edge of the lake caught in bright sunlight, with moody skys in the background.
The whole area is a wetland type of landscape with pools and puddles everywhere. A little further on, the track way passes under a old railway bridge i took a photo of it, but some how it is not pleasing. i can't work out why, and would appreciate some feedback. Finally i turned it into a monochrome, but still not impressive.

What could i do to improve this image?
About 20 meters through the bridge the little pool on the right has overflown and engulfed the footpath. I crossed it easily with my wellingtons on, but the Jacks got their bellies wet!

Flooded footpath.
As i passed the puddle i noticed how the sun was occasionally catching the ball-rushes on the right.
I set the tripod and took a few shots. I managed to get a old signal tower from the railway track in the background. Again i am sure there is much more i could have done with this setting.
under exposed, and an epic fail as the sun went in as i snapped this one.
Rushes without signals in sunlight.

Finally i traveled most of the Journey home on the roadside footpaths. I did however divert to the canal for the last mile, so i could see the angler in the early shot. i found a couple of swans in all of their Majesty which i just had to snap. I know there are millions of swan photos, but they are so photogenic.

They are just so powerful.

The angler had now got his buddy with him, both of them were real friendly and talkative. i did get a shot of as they said goodbye to me, but it is not as candid as i would have liked it to be.

Happy anglers.

I hope you enjoyed my local snaps, please comment if you feel the need.

peace be with you.


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