Friday, 28 December 2012

Photographing Fungus with Nikon D7000

I have a strange kind of affinity with Fungus. If I see it while out walking I feel the need to photograph it. Maybe it is that whatever the time of year, there is a fungi somewhere waiting to be photographed. Some are colourful and some are downright plain, but all are interesting.Today, while walking in a local nature reserve (Park Lime Pits), I spotted this particularly photogenic fungi. I am not sure of its name, may be some one can help with that?

A very photogenic tree fungi, of unknown name.

I took this photograph using the self timer and the bracketing button. I set the camera to take 3 shots, again at short intervals. One over exposed, one under exposed and one exposed correctly. It was a particularly grim day with water cascading down the banks into the pools. The pools were overflowing into the local brook which was itself cascading away down towards Goscote.I set the camera to ‘A’ aperture priority and the ISO to 4000. The shots were taken from my tripod, and turned out fairly well to my eye. This may not be what others think, I am very open to criticism so please leave comments.Here is a Fungus i shot prior to Christmas on Gentleshaw common. It is a colourful specimen, however it was so dull i had to use the flash with my D60. I think that it looks unnaturally light and is spoiled by that very fact. 

Flashlight Fungus.

Another rather lonely fungus on Gentleshaw common. I only thought this worthy of a photo as it looked very lonely and isolated.

Lonely little fellow.

Finally on my way home from work in late November i spotted these Ink Cap mushrooms. They only last a short time so i took my chance in the pitch dark of a November evening.

Ink caps.
Water cascades from one lake to another.

Scratch marks on tree trunks, may be from Deer?

Stream running at full capacity.

Stream emptying into largest pool.

Thanks for looking, and peace be with you.

P.S  please leave your thoughts and comments.

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