Monday, 24 December 2012

Canal overflows at Tesco's Brownhills.

I am posting this as a part of my Photography blog.
I took a few snaps of the overflow which discharges from the canal at the rear of Tesco's into the drains that run across to Clayhanger.
They will never win a photo competition, however they are part of what creates a historical record of Brownhills and it's happenings.
My brother Richard gave me a call to say that the overflow was running over the top of the culvert. I drove over with my camera and took a few snaps.
The culvert lies below the submerged wall.

Water flowing over the wall and into the undergrowth.

The small pool just off the black path and below the iron bridge seems to be bearing the brunt of the water.

Overflowing at a fair rate.

I am sure if an alien space craft had landed next to the culvert they would have suspected something biblical was about to happen.
One side of the canal had flood water cascading down through the woods, and the other side had people panic buying from Tesco's because they will be shut for two days!
There was not a space to be had in the car park of Tesco or B&M.
May be the lynx guy knew what he was doing.......or was it Noah??

God bless and merry Christmas to all.

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