Monday, 10 December 2012

Chaddesley Corbett re-visited.

 Our latest club dig was at another farm in Chaddesley Corbett near Kidderminster.
I had helped gain permission for this field and had high hopes of what it might have on offer.

I pulled up at 8am on a beautiful crisp winters morning. There were already a few of the die hards their in their Christmas hats. Everyone was in a upbeat jovial mood, probably anticipating a good days hunting ahead.
One or two of the members had put a bit too much effort into their costumes.

Member, Woodentop who forgot to get out of his onesy in the morning.

Trying to pull a rabbit from his hat.

My head used to be this big.

It was a crisp cold morning but it was no excuse for the red noses on some of the attendants.

cold air and a cold red nose.

The rest of the lunatics put some effort in and had some considerable fun out of the occasion.
is that filthy Phil i see? That mustache is unmistakable.

Padfoot who i think won the token hunt.

Sid with Filthy Phil, yes its the Sid of the famed hammy dance video.

notice how many hands in pockets, and its not because the raffle was on its way around.

an idiot.

About 15 minutes before the off a van turned up which i did not recognise. Two chaps got out and proceeded to unpack a couple of birds of prey. They bring the birds to where we were parked on a regular basis to work them on the Rabbits.
There are few things in the world that impress me more than the Majesty that comes with a big bird of prey.
bird and master.


A close up of the Harris Hawk.

He was excited when he was put on his perch.
On the stroke of 9am the farmer and his wife came over and said hello to us all. He gave us permission to go on all of his fields, even the ones with crops. We all raced up a hill which was in crop with Kale. The hill was crested by a single tree and looked a promising prospect. I immediately found a threepence bit and followed that up with a silver sixpence. Things soon dried up and it became evident that detecting through the Kale was very difficult.
A fair few headed over to the field where the tokens were hidden, though i never went near it. I stayed in the Kale field for the most of the day. 
I popped back to the car and had a mince pie cooked by the delightful Jax (greyhound). There were also sausage rolls and quiche on offer.
For the last half hour i headed into the cabbage field, however the sky was looking very threatening. After half an hour the heavens opened and began soaking everything. Once my feet were wet i decided to pack up and head home. This was unfortunate as i wanted to get my camera out and take a few snaps for the last hour.
The fishing lake adjacent to our meeting point.

A second pool next to the cabbage field.

i was going to set the tripod up and take some HDR of the tree but the rain stopped it!

Heads side of two coins.

And tails.

All being said it was a very enjoyable day, and sad that our next dig may not be until March.

God bless ya.

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