Sunday, 14 October 2012

Clodhoppers dig 14th October 2012.

I thought i might blog the dig i attended on the 14th October with the Clodhoppers.
The dig was near the village of Southam on a mixed arable and pasture farm. 

There was a relatively good turn out of club members, all of whom may i add are a happy go lucky bunch. The ground conditions were a a bit wet to say the least. the Barley stubble left in three of the field was fairly week allowing the coil on the detectors knocked it down easily. The problem was that the fields drainage was non existent, with pools all over the place.
 Not a great photo taken on my Blackberry  ©W Parry2012

The dig was not a memorable one for me as i only found a handful of bullets and other uninteresting items.
Some of the members however found some very nice finds. There were three hammies found, a hammie is a hammered silver coin. These coins are less than a millimeter thick and made from silver. They date from about 1000ad through to about 1700ad. Now if a detectorist finds one of these, they are highly likely to break into a hammie dance. So if you ever see a detectorist getting down in the middle of a field you will know he has just found a hammie. Yes detectorists are human and do have a sense of humour.
The video clip bellow shows a few of the finds from the day, and includes a trio of detectorists doing their hammie dance. Its only Three minutes long but well worth the watch.


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  1. hello woz, it was a bit wet, but well worth it for me ;-) sorry i had to inflict you with my hammy dance lol, its been a while since i have thrown shapes like that, put me back out!!!