Saturday, 20 October 2012

Time team is no more.

Metal detecting is a hobby closely related to amateur archaeology in my opinion.
In fact some would say that detectorists are amateur archaeologists.

Its a minority hobby, and as that is the case we get very little coverage in the media.
One of the programs that did quench my thirst for some TV coverage was Time team.
A ch4 show that has run for 20 series, covering every facet of our history. Just like we do when detecting, we find something from the war torn Britain era, then two steps further we find a Roman coin.

I have always looked forward to my Sunday evening watching Time team (always hoping it will be a Roman site). I would then cool off with 4 hours of the NFL on sky sports. But this alas has now almost run its time. Just one more series to come (series 20), then 4 specials.

The strange thing is that Time Team would almost always try to hide the detectorists they had working the spoil heaps and finding all those thing we loved to see. I believe that Mick Aston (the old curmudgeon with stripey jumper and bushy grey hair) had no time whatsoever for metal detector enthusiasts. I think that old Baldric was of the same mind, with a uneducated view on what detectorists do.

The fact that they did not like detectorists, has never turned my head as they do for a living what i do for nothing. I will be so sad to see the last episode i will probably have a little weep at the end of it.

May be it will be resurrected as i think they were wanting to move one or two of the old crew on in the last series. Word has it that Mick Aston did not agree with the new shiny white toothed presenters they were bringing in. In fact i hear he quit the program due to this.

Any way good bye my old friend, Sundays will never be the same.

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