Monday, 15 October 2012

Photography.......i wish i was a little bit better.

I have always been a amateur photographer, and they way i have progressed, i always will be.
My wife is looking for buying me a new camera this Christmas  which i will cherish just as much as the Nikon D60 that she got for me 5 or 6 years ago.
Nikon D60 which has traveled the world with me.

As hard as i try i can never take what i consider to be a great photograph. My wife says that a photo i took of a grey horse in Alrewas is her favorite. I do like this photo as it looks somewhat unreal, but i have not done any photo shop on it. The one thing that annoys me is that just seconds before i took the snap the horse came rite up to my face and started neighing at me and showing its teeth. If only i had the presence of mind to catch that moment on camera i might well have my best ever photo. Instead i stood in amazement for 5 seconds then fumbled around to set the camera up and the moment was lost.
My shot of the Grey stallion and hay cart.

As anyone who has ever read my blog will know i am a keen metal detectorist. You might expect that i would get some good shots while out with the detector. This is not the case though, it's very difficult to carry a large slr camera and all of my detecting kit. I do carry a small digital camera with me, however having dirty hands and using a camera is very difficult.
Its always pleasing to get a good landscape shot (or what i consider good) while out walking. I think that if you have a mind to take good photos, you are always on the look out for an opportunistic shot. Here is one i snapped just a few weeks ago while in York. I was passing through a park early in the morning and noticed how the sun shining through the branches of a tree was lighting up the mist.
Early morning in York.
I will endeavor to take a better photo over the coming months/years as i expect all armature photographers do.

God bless ya.

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