Monday, 22 October 2012

I have had gastrointestinal endoscopy, its a breeze.

Having suffered from acid reflux for many many years i have finally had the cause of it identified.

About 5 weeks ago i traveled to my local hospital to see a specialist. The specialist booked me for a gastrointestinal endoscopy. The symptoms i presented to him were the following;

  • Constantly fighting to keep acid heartburn at bay.
  • 15 years of taking various types of antacid medication.
  • My throat has swollen enough to make it uncomfortable swallowing. This has slowly got worse over the last 8 years.
Now i don't care who you are you always begin to worry that the big 'C' may be taking hold and i am no different anyone else. Waiting for the day of your appointment can be traumatic in itself as you kind of start imagining things are getting worse. Well from experience i can safely say that in most cases its all in the mind.

I was booked in for a Monday at 3.25pm . This isn't the best time to go in for the procedure as you end up worrying yourself sick all morning.

Fear not though, the procedure is not that bad at all. in fact the worse thing about the day is paying for the car parking at the hospital!
I had a spray in my throat rather than have a general anesthetic, which in hindsight i am glad i did. The spray anesthetic is rather like the ones you have for a tooth extraction except you have it applied by a spray directly into your throat. It takes seconds for it to work, and it really does numb everything.

The doctor/surgeon who conducted my procedure was very compassionate and professional . He talked me through what i should expect to happen and reassured me that it would not be painful in any way. I made a comment that i gag easily, as even brushing my teeth causes me to gag! They laughed and said everyone gags as its a reflex response. I closed my eyes and in went a mouth guard, then the camera. I instantly gagged  and again and again! I gagged about 12 times in total, which is far less than when i have had a skin full and the room is spinning.

The procedure took about 4 minutes then it was all over. i had a quick debrief from the nurse who said i had a hiatus hernia, she gave me some literature, and i was off home.

So if your having it, don't be worrying yourself its a breeze.

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