Sunday, 25 November 2012

Clodhoppers dig Chaddesley Corbett dig.

I found myself looking out of the window this morning wandering if the rain would ever stop. Its was 5am and the rain was bouncing off the window. I was due to be in Worcestershire for 8am, for the Clodhoppers Chadeseley Corbett open dig.

The club had put the dig on to raise funds for some specialist equipment at Birmingham Hospital. The farmer had already had us on a couple of fields earlier in the month for a charity dig.
The new fields for today looked very promising as they bordered a very old moated house. Of course once the time came, that would be the field i headed for.

Anyway, by 7am the rain had stopped and i loaded up the car. I had not gone 5 miles when i realised i had left my shovels at the back of the car and not in the boot! So back home i went and loaded up, again.

I arrived on site at about 8.05, and there were plenty already there. I made my acquaintances and paid my due's. Its always good to have a natter with the guys and gals before we head off and this i did for a good 40 minutes.

The walk to the fields was a good 15 minutes, along a main road then up a lane. I led the way, although i was unsure where i was going. I did managed to navigate my way to the first field which bordered the moated house. I decided at that point to move on to the field adjacent to the church first. I had about an hour and a half on here with a 2p and a watch winder being my only real interesting finds.

I then made my way to the field i had planned to go to first. When i got to the entrance i looked up at the old house and thought that there must be finds here. One of the guys said that he thought the fields had been dug before, a lot. He said he remembers Kidderminster club going on there when he was younger. This proved to be probably true as there were finds on their but not as many as you would expect.

I heard through the grapevine that their had been a Silver Roman and a Charles 1 had been found by one of the more prolific of the members, Gregor. He has good technique and a good temperament  as well as being at peace with his machine.

I had a spindle whorl out within half an hour, and then a Worcestershire cap badge after about 1 hour. I decided to turn the sensitivity down to an extremely low setting after a conversation with one of the other detectorists. This payed off as i had a lovely hammered of David (Scottland), which is damaged but well

Sadly i had to leave the dig early as i had a family event to attend, i had however heard that there may have been up to 5 hammies found so far.

A lovely day with great friends again, cant wait until the next dig.

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