Thursday, 1 November 2012

Movember effort.

its a Mo and it has to three days.

Day 21 and it is as stiff as a privet hedge now.

Trimmed it today, oh joy half way though the ordeal.

Almost able to store food in it today, day 13.
its definitely a  Mostache now.

Lip rug is becoming established. Not yet bristling like a privet hedge, but getting there.
Day 11 and i have decided to update from the top of the page now.

Day 9 and not much change really. Can't wait until i can catch food in it.
The mo is getting itchy.

A small family of Chifchafs have now moved in to my MO effort, a sure sign that it is becoming a habitat in its own right.
people notice the Mo now and i have had some sponsorship in thanks Shaun Jarvis.

Day six and i can see a little more of the tosh coming through.

Definite signs of stubble, almost shaved it off last night when i forgot about it. 
Day four and the dial is still as ugly as ever, but there are signs of some grass on the pitch.
The Mrs is not happy with my lip rug, but hey ho. Remember if you can drop just a few pence for Marie Curie i would be grateful.

i know its not much, but i can see it.
Nothing there yet, but i'm sure it will be visible in one week or so.
i will post a donations link up soon.

no grass on the pitch yet.

Oh well, i have decided to go for a  Movember mustache, i will be raising money for Marie Curie cancer care. I am sure you will agree its a good cause.

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