Friday, 30 November 2012

Walsall wood camera club, competition night.

My third week at the wwcc was to be my first viewing of a competition.
I had entered a photo of a horse which i had snapped while walking along the canal at Wychnor.
My goal was to listen to constructive criticism of my snap. i was entered into the novice section and to be honest there were some cracking images in the section. I think there were 16 entries with my own one. Some i could see were better than mine and some which i thought mine would match up to. the judge who was a very pleasant type said some nice things about my snap, but i didn't make the top 5.

The learning curve is beginning to develop, with everything the members tell me sinking in to my grey matter.
One of the members said it's not very often you win with Animal pictures. The judge himself said he does not like judging child photos, as criticism often gets taken the wrong way by relatives. I was also told that sports photos don't always go down well, however one actually won, it was a picture of speedway.

Unfortunately i can't show the winning images as i don't have permission, but as i get more involved i would hope to get permission.

I particularly enjoy the monochrome section, as i think that being an expert in Photoshop does not really aid you.

I now have a goal that by this time next year i will find an image that will take a prize, watch this space.

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