Sunday, 11 November 2012

My two pleasures in life, Photography and metal detecting.

I have decided to dedicate my blog to just two subject  from here on in.

  1. Metal detecting, which i love taking part in and have done so for many years.
  2. Photography, again something i have played with all of my adult life.
I have to say that as a metal detectorist i am not that bad at it. That is i have a half decent knowledge of the hobby and have some good results when out.

On the other hand my Photography has always been hit and miss. I think i need some direction and presume i can only get this by joining a club. I have therefore researched local clubs to Brownhills and come up with Walsall wood club which i will visit on Tuesday.

Today i took some snaps at Lake Vernwy after spending the night there. It was 6.30 am and i tried some low light shots, which i didn't cover myself in glory with.

looking across the lake at 6.30am

Daylight view across the lake.

I met a chap on the top of the dam this morning who was a member of the Oswestry photography club. He too was up early trying to capture some good images.
I will be having a new camera for Christmas, a Nikon D7000. This is a high end of the beginners range of  cameras. i hope it helps me improve my ability,  i do know that hard work from myself is the key to me taking better photos.

Watch this space.

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