Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Walsall Wood camera club, my first visit.

I decided to visit my local camera club yesterday. The decision came about as i have decided to take some expert advice on board and improve my photos.
The meeting was held in a church hall at the rear of St Johns church. It was a huge turn out as it happens, about 45 members. This may have been due to a visit from a prominent photographer from Birmingham.
A slide show was provided of photos from said photographer, with commentary throughout.
There were some interesting photos , and plenty of humor thrown in.

I think i picked up a few tips, especially on Photoing moving subjects. It's interesting to hear what he liked to see in a photograph, as he is a prominent competition judge by all accounts.

I think i will enjoy my involvement in this club, and can't wait to get competitive. I will be in as a beginner  to which i don't think there are many others in the club. Still, it makes life easier for me.

watch this space.


  1. Aldridge Photographic Society15 November 2012 at 03:26

    Take a look at us too - you'd be very welcome

  2. why thank you, i am honored. a novice being head hunted lol.
    when are your meetings?

  3. Hi We meet on Thursday evenings - meetings start at 8pm at Aldridge Community Centre. Here's the url for our January agenda.

    Happy New Year!